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This is a friendly tranquil nurturing space where we encourage awareness of alternative ways of rejuvenating or healing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

It's about intentionally creating a space to slow down, listening to and honouring your body as sacred, connecting  to your inner wisdom, experiencing  and embracing all parts of yourself.

We provide a  truly personal, very focused and customized healing experience, exclusive to The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre.  Allan's rare ability to guide people in  Past Life & Spiritual Journeys and Catherine's gift of energy healing, in concert,  will help you ground your passions, expand your vision and concentrate your energies so that you can take yourself to the next level and achieve greater results with ease, grace and joy.

We are Catherine and Allan Green and this is The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre.  If you would like the experience of deep relaxation, profound peace and release of physical and emotional pain we invite you to explore the resources and services that we offer.


Retreats & Spa Sessions

Healing Quest


Time with The Goddess and The Greenman is highly experiential - fascinating history, sacred portals, land embedded with many veins of quartz crystals for healing. Customizable individual or group programs, focused on enlightenment and healing. Gifted intuitive facilitators. Read More

Over time instead of joie de vivre we adopt a mind-set and posture that reflects our negative experiences and perpetuates the manifestations of emotional or physical pain or dis-harmony.  Read More

The Past Life or Spiritual Journey experience can be portrayed as journeying between the worlds and dimensions for enlightenment, exploring realms of possibility for health and wellness, grasping life's mysteries, and meeting your spirit guides. Read More

Distance Healing

Energy Healing


Healing from a remote location such as by telephone is achievable because spiritual energy is not bounded by time and space.  You can benefit from absentia energy healing or remote past life and spiritual journeys.  Learn More

If you are experiencing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain your first thought every morning is likely “Where am I going to find relief?”  If what you have tried so far has not been working, a new approach and alternative ways of rejuvenating yourself may be necessary.  Learn More

Allan & Catherine are intuitive experienced facilitators with over 60 years combined experience in helping people to balance and return to vitality.  The retreat is located in Land of Lakes, Canadian Shield country, open year round. Lots of activities to augment the healing and enlightenment sessions.


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