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Crystal Earth
Retreat & Spa

Your visit at Crystal Earth will be highly experiential.  Experiencing Crystal Earth is about:

  • intentionally creating a space to slow down

  • listening to and honouring the body as sacred

  • connecting/listening to one's inner wisdom

  • experiencing  and embracing all parts of oneself

  • sharing laughter, wisdom, stories, courage and hope

This is a profoundly special place for healing. Surrounded by the natural rhythm of nature anyone who come here is better able to be in sync with what's happening.

Men and women of all ages come to The Goddess & The Greenman Crystal Earth Retreat and Healing Centre to help empower themselves.


Truly Customizable Programme

We are experienced facilitators with a variety of capabilities and networks so we provide a truly customizable programme.  We can help you design a retreat, workshop, spa session or exclusive healing experience; we can draw on a vast network  of expert guest speakers and facilitators to augment your event; and offer a variety of activities to enhance your visit.  You can stay for a few hours or a few days.  Oh, and we're open year round.

If you would like the experience of deep relaxation, profound peace and release of physical and emotional pain we invite you to explore the resources and services that we offer.

To customize your retreat view a list of:

Healing Retreats at Crystal Earth

  1. Revisioning Sessions  - exclusive to Crystal Earth

  2. Personalized Spa Session for Individuals (day or retreat stay)

  3. Restorative Spa & Healing Celebration Sessions for Groups

  4. All-embracing Retreat Experience




Group Retreats

Something magical happens when a group of comes together and shares their stories. Imagine sitting in a sacred space where no matter what you say, you know you will be heard and respected and not judged. Within a circle of friendship and support we become empowered to explore our lives, to tell our stories, share aspirations and offer courage,  and hope to others, and to receive the same in return.

Contact us to arrange your time at Crystal Earth

View the Photo Gallery for images of our retreat centre, the land, the water and the reflections and connections.

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.

~ Joseph Campbell


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