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Sessions, Modalities, and Treatments

Revisioning Sessions

Exclusive to Crystal Earth - combination of energy healing, past life/spiritual journeys, spa treatments.



Past Life Journey
Spiritual Journey


Ancient Energy Healing modalities.

Revisioning Quest (exclusive to Crystal Earth)
Zenith OmegaTM  Clearings
Zenith OmegaTM Light Body Acceleration


Spa Treatments or Sessions

Full Body Massage
5 in 1 Healing & Spa Session
Tibetan Foot on Back Massage
Targeted Massage
Personalized Spa Sessions for Individuals or Couples
    (day or retreat stay)
Restorative Spa Session


Life Coaching and Guidance

Nutritional Guidance
Conscious Empowerment of Self
Empowering Relationships


Universal Messenger Channelling
Drumming Circles
Samarai Sword Demonstrations

We recommend that to balance the intensity of the sessions or workshops you take time to play, rest, or enjoy some privacy.  Customize your retreat stay with other activities by selecting options from this list.

Your intent and wishes are always honoured and participation in any experience or event is by choice only:


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