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Catherine Green

Energy Healer Practitioner, Teacher or Coach

I have had a connection with spirit and energy forces since early childhood.  For more than thirty years my natural inclinations have directed me toward absorbing the expertise of many healing modalities:  Reiki, Reflexology, Zenith Omega, a variety of massage and bodywork techniques, nutritional therapies, Shamanism.  Everyday, I feel blessed to have been gifted with the awareness, sensitivity, ability and insight to integrate this learning and experience to support and to empower others to steer their own path.

Living in British Columbia connected me to the shamanistic ways and I live these principles every day. One might say I am a "Dancing Healer".  Dancing because as a facilitator I can use, as needed, different modalities to resonate with a client's belief system and patterns, and healer, as one who supports and facilitates others into balance and wellness, should that be their choice.

From the West Coast I came to the Ottawa Valley and then ventured a little west into the Land O' Lakes to Ompah.  I immediately experienced an  astounding difference to my energy levels as I sensed them dancing all the way through and round me.  I could feel the heartbeat and life force of the earth below my feet. I fell in love with the land and its history.

What's most important to me? 

I am thankful for the peace and joy my work brings me.  I love and enjoy what I do.  How fortunate I am. My husband Allan is amazing.  Our connection is unique and endows us with a distinctive way of helping people.  One could describe our combined gifts and abilities as a new healing modality.



The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre is a dream come true for me because since I first visited this place in Ompah I felt such a strong connection.  At that time I instinctively knew this was where I would make my home and fulfill my life's work.  Now that is happening.

I am blessed with a circle of good, kind friends.

Our home is our sanctuary. Allan and I share the beauty and gifts of our home and land with many others when they come to experience the support which we can offer.

I want to say a little about my name.  I was born Catherine and kept the spelling of this name until the mid 1980’s when I changed my name to Cathryn because in numerology the spelling worked better with now late husband’s name.

In the autumn of 2012,  I was handling personal affairs that required legal  documentation and I had to make a choice as to what name I would have on the legal documents.  So I when I examined Catherine with my last name Green, the energies were more powerful—numerologically better and wow I felt aligned.   So, that said, I am letting Cathryn  go and embraced Catherine!

To be here in service, joy, love and rainbow light!

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About Allan

"I'm blessed to have the opportunity to empower others to have more balance, health, and joy. I refer to my wisdoms, abilities and gifts as the tools of my 'Healing Modality Chest'."


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