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Past Life and Spiritual Journey Facilitator

Do you wonder about your past lives? Are their any similarities to your present life? How is your present life affected by your past lives?

My awareness to this subject was twigged in 1973 when I was playing as a musician in Orillia, Ontario. I was driving down Rama Road, near where the Casino is today when a dramatic accident happened directly in front of me. I screeched on my brakes, but the cars in front of me kept on driving and there was nothing of what I had just seen. I pulled over to the shoulder and shook for a few minutes.  Later that day I found out that the exact same accident, that I had pictured, had actually happened one road over at exactly the same time. It opened my mind to other possibilities.

I found a spiritual mentor and became part of a spiritual circle of "deep-trance channel people".  We used to call it the “Spook Group”.  I was just a medium, but for two years every Sunday night we would meet and these experiences really catapulted me forward on my Spiritual Journey.

One day in 1982 this mentor came to my apartment, knocked on the door, and as I was saying hello, she locked the door, brushed by me.  Then she grabbed onto my wrist like a vice grip and pulled me toward the living room.

I asked, “ What are you doing?”

“Just follow me,” she answered.  “Sit down on the floor beside the couch.”  She lay down on the couch.

Past life conflicts or traumatic events can affect or impede our present life decisions, relationships, and our overall emotional, psychological and physical well-being.  In a journey we can view these struggles or distressing connections in a past life and resolve the issue or purge ourselves of their influences to be able to live our present life more fully.



“You’re going to take me back into a past life.”

“Like hell I am!” was my reply.

She insisted, “Close your eyes. I‘m going back." 

Well, I couldn’t move.  She still had this vice grip on my wrist, so I closed my eyes.  Instantly, I was in a fighter plane with her over the English channel as it crashed into the ocean.  The whole apartment became cold because we were under the water.  Within those thirty seconds I realized that I could see what people see and feel what they feel.

I couldn't just ignore the experience and so began my apprenticeship toward becoming a Master Past Life and Spiritual Journey Facilitator.  I have guided over 17,000 journeys.  Each journey is different and I continue to be amazed by the incredible discoveries and revelations that are revealed to the people I share the journeys with.  I feel privileged that I have been gifted with this ability to help people.

Music is still an important part of my own wellbeing  and I enjoy the drumming circles and campfire sing-a-longs that take place at our place.

We are all blessed with incredible possibilities.  We simply have to unleash our heart and soul to become empowered.  We can heal from the past, understand the present and become excited for the future.

I invite you to explore the various ways we can help you and at the same time experience the tranquil spiritual and healing qualities of the land where we live.

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"Who I am is an unconditionally loving child of God, no more unique or better than anyone; what I've done for over 30 years is facilitate Past Life and Spiritual Journeys - I have the psychic and spiritual ability to see what you see and feel what you feel." 


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