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What Really Shapes Your Destiny? 

As you go about your daily business here on Earth, other expressions of you, namely your “Higher Self” and your “Over Soul” are entrusted with empowering the earthbound you in finding your truth and realizing your divine plan.  They act as a team with your spirit guides, to help you in your development and progress. Each is as important as the other.  Because they are with you continuously and forever, it is essential for you to connect more consciously with your Higher Self and Over Soul.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are your support system, the team of non-physical beings that help you preserve our well-being, access the memories of your pure existence, navigate the pathways of your learning experiences, and embrace the choices that empower your mission to move toward your life’s purpose.  Spirit Guides communicate with you through your conscious and unconscious mind.

Higher Self

Your Higher Self is another essence of you.  Though, it is the real and very complete you, your total soul consciousness, you in realms beyond your physical existence, the you that has access to the feelings, thoughts, goals, intentions, history, and mysteries of you.  Your Higher Self is the custodian of your life plan or spiritual contract in this journey we call life. 

If you think of your life-plan as your personal instruction manual then your Higher Self can be considered your ultimate guide to attaining your life’s purpose.  Your Higher Self is that essence of you that always can touch your true reality, sees the continuum of the entire you from beginning and infinitely beyond. Your Higher Self is the team leader that works behind the scenes to maintain the program, oversees that the spirit guides keep you on track, revises the schedule, reworks your life’s plan to accommodate your deviations or misjudgements, tries to get you through events undamaged.  Your Higher Self keeps your inner world organized.

Over Soul

Your Over Soul is that aspect of you that is pure unconditional love, bringing in divine timing and grace and direct connection with a God Source, true for all your lives on all the planets, through all the dimensions of time and space.  Your Over Soul encompasses the same principles as the Higher Self, yet has concerns and sees things from a Spiritual Perspective that is far beyond our intellectual capacity.  Your Over Soul sees the energetic root cause of your physical experiences, especially those that are operating below the surface of your conscious awareness.

The power and magnificence of your Over Soul, truly shapes your destiny, and in doing so has a unique way of being and guiding you.  When there is some special mission or project to be completed your Over Soul may even connect with you in human form, as a friend, advisor, parent.  Your Over Soul helps you become aware of how to tune into yourself and achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance so you can steadily be in motion toward your life’s purpose. Because your Over Soul has intimate knowledge of you in past lives you are provided opportunities to connect to people who have passed, especially if there is a need to heal, to let go, or for closure.  Your Over Soul helps you convert life lessons into a mind enhancing revelations that truly serve you.


Allan is of Service as a Medium

Until you are able to do it yourself, Allan is of service as a medium for you to tune into your Higher Self and Over Soul, so you can get the key information about why you are here, where you should be going next, and with whom you should be going there. 

Allan connects you to the spirit and personality of your Higher Self and Over Soul

When your are connected to the spirit and personality of your Higher Self and Over Soul, through Allan, you will find a surprising similarity in their traits and character, similarities that resemble so many of your natural ways and qualities.  You will find out how your Higher Self and Over Soul affect you, their concerns, how they would like you to progress, and how you all work together as a team.   The light and energies that will come into the experience can transform your life in positive ways in harmony with your Divine Plan.

The Definitive Confidant

The connection you have with your Higher Self and Over Soul is one of total trust and loyalty – the definitive confidant.

The union the earthbound you has with your Over Soul, Higher Self and spirit guides is not a vague tenuous connection.   Even though you may not be consciously aware of your ultimate reality or these other aspects of you nothing can ever sever that connection.

"Just imagine what will happen to your life when you’ve reconnected with your own Higher Self!"

Many Spiritual People connect with the concept and personality of this Over Soul with ease.   Sometimes individuals need a little help to tune in and establish a deeper cognisant connection with their Higher Self and Over Soul.

Energetic Etheric
Aura Bands

In concert with connecting you to your Higher Self and Over Soul Allan will read your Energetic Etheric Aura bands.   These bands are layers, out from and close to your body and Allan will tell you their colours and what each means, the way they vibrate, and the ways you have decided to approach  levels of your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual well-being. It may surprise you to discover that your concept of how you interact in those areas of your well-being is totally different than you thought or to learn that you may be advancing toward a different objective than you imagined. 

Allan is able to bring meaning to or help you make sense of your discoveries.

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