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If you are unable to travel or book a session at a convenient location you may benefit from a remote or distant healing session. This may truly be necessary if your wellbeing is in stress or jeopardy. Healing from a remote location such as by telephone is achievable because spiritual energy is not bounded by time and space. 

Absentia Energy Healing can be very effective.   Catherine's physical presence is not necessary and in some cases even voice communication is not required.  As a trained energy healer and sentient being Catherine can place her intent on you from far away.

Remote Journeying with Allan is successful because he can perceive and feeling your energy, he can see what you see and feel what you feel through the help of his guides and yours working together to make it happen.  A remote journey is like having a very relaxed telephone conversation.

Our world is moving so fast, with so many demands on our time that it is not unusual to find we are in a state of imbalance and like so many others we may be longing to restore our vitality.

 Catherine and Allan are experienced sentient facilitators capable of perceiving and feeling, in unstructured consciousness, another's energy, and will support you in discovering and deepening your connection with all the parts of yourself.


Please contact Catherine or Allan to arrange a remote session.

All sessions are private and confidential, facilitated with awareness, sensitivity, and insight.


A successful healing session starts with your receptivity.

Your first step is to be clear in your own mind what your goals are because that clarity will guide you in choosing what will be best for you.  Trust your intuition.

What results are you seeking?

  • To regain balance and coordination

  • To release tension

  • To relieve pain

  • To restore impaired functions

  • To increase flexibility

  • To decrease stress

  • More self-confidence

  • Clarity of purpose

  • Joy and Love

The ability to receive healing from a distance, though effective, must be viewed realistically.  While we sometimes marvel at the results of remote healing or journeying and feel blessed to be part of the process we feel obligated to point out that sometimes the issues, concerns, or problems that a person harbours in themselves have often taken years to develop and are not always alleviated or remedied in one session. As with any curative a single treatment is better than none, but we would be remiss not to make you aware that in some cases a series of healings would be more beneficial.


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