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As a person we are distinctively and intricately designed.  The totality of who we are, the way we function and how we experience life encompasses a vast network of all facets of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layering, all closely interlaced, reliant on the other, and collaborating to produce a valuable and significant person, a life force with a heart, soul, light, and presence - uniquely you!

When these physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of us are in equilibrium we feel, energetic, happy, healthy, composed, safe, strong, invulnerable, tuned in.  The layers of our total wellbeing are in harmony and we are brimming with vitality.

However, sometimes "these layers of us" don't function in harmony and they slip out of sync with the others and can set off a chain reaction to our other layers, resulting in an imbalance in our wellbeing which manifests itself dis-ease, dis-function, pain, anxiety, weariness and a multitude of other symptoms.

On the surface the reason for the imbalance seems unexplainable.  We don't often recognize why or how this happens or the triggers that set the chain reaction in motion. Some underlying factors could be quite evident, such as political, economical or environmental influences. However, other influences are not so revealing and in fact might be having more negative impact on how we experience life:  ancestral DNA, various teachings, socio-cultural perceptions, problems of nurturance, karmic responsibilities, life-cycle patterns, past life conflicts or experiences, energy blockages.  Negative influences like these contribute to dis-eases, anxieties, conflicts or fears.

Your Healing Journey Reveals to You 
How to Become Whole Again

Your Crystal Earth Healing Session is a means of figuring out what these negative influences or blockages are and where they originated.  By understanding what is pushing or pulling you in one direction or another you can make sense of the knotted fabric of your life and embrace every aspect of you.  And that is what achieving inner balance and healing is about.   We support you through this process, help you to understand and use this knowledge for to unify the layers of you.

The Secret to Vitality
Unify the Layers

We can help you to bring balance to your life.  When you work with us through Crystal Earth Healing Sessions our job is to facilitate your learning about the keys to restoring your own vitality.  We employ all or our combined gifts and abilities to help you in restoring your vitality.

Revisioning Quest

If you would like the experience of deep relaxation, profound peace and release of physical and emotional pain we invite you to explore the resources and services that we offerOne of our most highly successful healing sessions is the Revisioning Quest.  It is a new modality exclusively used by Catherine and Allan.  It combines ancient healing, Clairsentience powers and all of the other gifts, abilities, and resources that both Catherine and Allan utilize in a healing session.


Let Us Help You Unify the Layers

One way to unify the layers and  to bring balance to your body's energy fields so the various parts of you remember who they are and how best to work together is through energy healing using modalities like Reiki or Zenith Omega.  This is Catherine's forte.

You might also find it very beneficial to work with Allan through a Past Life Journey to discover influences from a previous lifetime that may be holding you back or a Spiritual Journey  where your spirit guides will be a source of strength to help you through the entire healing process.

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