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Embrace the Experience

The best answer to that is, “Don’t prepare."  You’ve probably already reflected on what you want to shift in your life: a particular condition, emotion, blockage, phobia, life pattern, ailment, dis-ease, or dis-harmony.  So conveying those thoughts to us is all we will likely need to know.  We cannot engineer or stage-manage the healing process.  We cannot calculate when or how things will happen.  We must let it transpire.

You’ll likely have many concerns you would like to address in a session but we ask that you not seek answers or cures or changes for them all at one time, or expect things to change in one session.  Sorry. Unrealistic expectations can cloud the process.  Trying to deal with too many concerns can overwhelm the whole situation.   Sometimes it is better to relinquish control and let the answers be revealed to you.

Healing is a process of discovery, and the best stuff is not always evident when you first get started.    Think BIG in your healing quest, but also realize the curative steps it may take to get there.  Sometimes the issues, concerns, or problems that a person harbours in themselves have often taken years or lifetimes to develop and are not always alleviated or remedied in one session.  In some cases a series of healings would be more beneficial.  You may have to give yourself some time to bring yourself to wholeness.

Embrace the experience by relinquishing control and unleashing your heart and soul to healing and rejuvenation so that you can become the dazzling gem, the ascending pyramid, the amazing person you were created to be. 



Honour your breakthroughs

In large measure the most beneficial aspects of the Revisioning experience actually takes place after the session when you have had time to absorb what you’ve discovered. We encourage you to discuss your discoveries and ask questions so you are able to fully understand the information that has been revealed to you and appreciate how meaningful it is to your overall wellbeing.  Giving the Revisioning experience a chance to incubate and examining it again later - a day, a few hours even, will work – allows the assimilation process to work for your greater good.

The range of outcomes is infinite, some very personal and some that can be broadly categorized such as: unearthing  suppressed passions, feeling liberated from ailments or blockages that weighed one down, absence of pain, ability to forgive, resolved conflicts, no more fear, clarity of purpose.

Revisioning the possibilities of your life doesn't mean redesigning your whole blueprint,  rewriting your life story, or unravelling the knotted fabric of your being.  The healing process is about learning about the layers of you, discovering the seeds of your unrest, becoming cognisant of the hidden patterns and influences that trigger your reactions and choices.  From this understanding you achieve clarity and gain control.

The healing process is also about finding your mission, affirming your passions, wrapping yourself in acceptance and love, acknowledging your strengths, aptitudes, and celebrating your breakthroughs.


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