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You can empower yourself with the ability to make choices that will change your life and your destiny! In order to do this you must be able to understand why you make the choices you do. What subconscious rules and programs are running your life?

Our world is moving so fast, with so many demands on our time that it is easy to get thrown out of balance and not fully realize it until dis-ease, dis-function, dis-harmony, illness manifests itself.

Let's explore what happens when rules and programs we're not familiar with dictate what we do.

When a person, event or situations come into your life your mind checks “the rules” that it has on file for that encounter. The rules consist of your thoughts and beliefs at a very basic level but you are also influenced by people, career, abundance – generally issues of safety and security. But what if the rules are faulty - based on ancestral programming, past life situations or on a mindset that is out of date or doesn’t apply,

If the rules are defective that means that maybe we are not as much in control as we would like to be. In fact, we may not even recognize  why or how this happens.

The most likely reason for this is that we're too busy, or maybe its been happening for so long we've not recognized its significance.  We lead full lives, attending to various responsibilities or following our dreams and passions.  In the busy-ness and pursuits of the day each of us draws on a variety of different energies.  In other words we express different aspects of ourselves depending on the situation.   Each challenge, interaction, experience or emotion reveals a quality or facet of us and elicits a choice.  Maybe the stalwart fearless competitor, the astute thinker or problem solver, the lover, the artist, adventurer, the mild mannered listener.

The point is that when we are in a situation and we have a reaction or experience we usually don't give much thought to the emotion or reaction we've had because we're busy and have to get onto the next encounter. If we do analyse what happened it's often not until much later and then we may question our behaviours or emotions.



It is our prerogative to express any of these energies and sometimes we do choose  - assertive or compliant, proud or humble, fulfilled or frustrated,  gentle or callused, connected or detached.   However, there are times when we don’t decide for ourselves because we have been affected by old programming and patterns, past life influences and negative attachments that have been dictating our reactions and choices.  These negative patterns or influences do not form the blueprint for our lives, they have simply put a layer of interference across it so we cannot clearly see the real blueprint.

By becoming cognisant of the hidden patterns and influences and gaining an understanding of what triggers our reactions and choices, we achieve clarity and gain control.   Our role at Crystal Earth is to act as facilitators to provide you with the awareness and the tools to revision the possibilities for your life so you can make the choices that are best for you, not reliant on old patterns.

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To achieve inner balance you must fully embrace every aspect of you. Cathryn and Allan can help you do just that with their exclusive healing modality.  Call now to find out more.

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What is freedom but the ability to make choices? The nature of the choices we make define us as human beings.


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