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The Past Life Journey experience can be portrayed as journeying between the worlds and dimensions for enlightenment, and for exploring realms of possibility for health and wellness.

If you wish to make deep inner changes or are experiencing extreme stress it often helps to analyse the past, not just the immediate past, but a past life.  Understanding the past and resolving issues from a past life helps us deal with the present situations more effectively.

The revelations from a past life exploration are an integral part of a healing journey.  Viewing our past lives as a sacred story, means we can find the origins of our phobias, problems, dis-ease  and interferences which then allows the past to be healed. When this happens we are liberated and able to resume life's journey with renewed purpose and vision for a truly wonderful outcome.  Through past life journeys people have received affirmative insights, frequently discovering how they've overcome challenges  or that they've had loyal and constant relationships through several lifetimes.

Do you wonder about your past lives?

Do you ever contemplated that you have experienced another life?  Who were you?  How did you live?  Where? How did you die? Are their any similarities to your present life?  How many past lives might you have lived? How is your present life affected by your past lives?

The awareness you can achieve as a result of a Past Life Journey can help to answer long sought after questions:

Why am I drawn to some people and not to others?
Why do I have a powerful attraction to a particular country or culture?
How do I know this person in a past life?
What did I do in a past life?
What is my life lesson this time?

All these questions and more could be investigated
and answered by doing a Past Life Journey. 

Have you ever reflected upon your career path, your aptitudes, innate talents and wondered why some things just seem so easy for you?

It may come as no surprise to discover this isn't the first time you've been here and that each of your past lives has been a stepping stone to the next life.

This may not be the first time that you've displayed a natural talent, skill, or accomplishment; nor is it the first time you followed a specific career path, or taken an interest in a particular subject, and most importantly it may not be the first time that the people around you, family and friends, have impacted your life in some way.   You'll find out how these relationships negatively or positively have impacted your current life.



Allan's Experience

Allan has facilitated more than 18,000 journeys and has a 95% success rate.  Read about Allan's rare and amazing gift of being able to Journey with you, to see what you see and feel what you feel.

In thousands of past life journeys individuals have gained tremendous awareness and restorative energy, enabling them to better understand others, communicate, forgive, love, relax,  make clear decisions, rid themselves of emotional pain, and learn to have joy and laughter again.

Read more:

Contact Allan to discuss how he might assist you, or call to set up an appointment.

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"Sometimes, to uncover that which is hidden, we must first be made to look."

~from the Outer Limits


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