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Energy Resonates Through Your Body's Energy Pathways

Your body is a receiving station for energy and transmitter of energy.  Also, it's very sensitive at detecting and computing energy flow.  Your natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health so when energy flows freely throughout your system you are infused with vitality, and your body tells you so. 

Your human energy field is the cohesive force between your mind-body-spirit and the measure of your over-all wellbeing can be linked to how effectively energy flows through your system.  Sometimes your body's energy flow can be episodic or even blocked if you face difficulties, especially ones that are painful to accept. When blockages occur they can manifest as physical and emotional pain, illness,  dis-ease, dis-harmony, dis-function, limiting beliefs, or restrictive thought patterns.

The blockages can be released through energy healing.

What is energy healing?

There is no simple answer, because energy healing is not a magical instantaneous cure.  Basically energy healing is a holistic or alternative curative that focuses on relieving pain or suffering that results from physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance.

A skilled energy worker, like Catherine, can guide you in the process of inner inquiry and realigning with the higher spiritual aspects of your being.  This brings energy blockages to light and releases them so that you can become centred and grounded, because that's when your energy flows more freely.   Using an ancient healing modality like Zenith Omega or Reiki helps you to channel energy to awaken your body to re-establish its genetic links.

Our first goal at Crystal Earth is to find out what is causing your blockages or anxiety, and once that is determined we utilize traditional  and ancient energy healing modalities to help you get your energy field pulsing and flowing efficiently.

If you have never received spiritual energy healing you likely are curious and have questions.  For example, you may be seeking something more in your health care or life experience.  Spiritual energy healing techniques are very focussed, and extremely gentle and there is no physical contact between Catherine and you. The healing power of energy can be safely integrated with your present health care.

Catherine's focus as a healing facilitator is to assist you in discovering balance and ease in all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that are uniquely you.  She does this with love and gentleness, intuitiveness and skill.

Catherine's energy-based modalities can be used in absentia or distance treatments.



Catherine is a gifted energy worker.  She has experienced the powers of a healing journey on many levels and has witnessed the energetic shifts that can be achieved when a person becomes more centred and grounded in their true destiny.  She lives out her own destiny through helping people.  Using her gifts and abilities she supports others to transform their energy to change their life.

She has helped people with passion and a dream, high achievers, entrepreneurs, business professionals, students, visionaries, romantics, people who desire a healthier connection with family, people who yearn for a deeper more abundant way of being and living.

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