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Why Should You Embark
on a Healing Journey

Are you finding it easy to minister to the illnesses of your body, but do not know how to deal with the dis-ease, dis-function or dis-harmony of your whole being?  If this is the case, you are not powerless and there are things you can do to realign and gain balance and harmony.  Sometimes all you need is a little boost to grasp the knowledge and process the information so we can heal yourselves on a more profound level.   That is where Catherine and Allan can guide you.

Let us explain so you understand our purpose here at Crystal Earth Healing.

Health is balance - equilibrium of mind, body and spirit - At our zenith these "layers" of us are stable, working together for our total wellbeing.  We feel vital, energetic, spiritually happy, healthy, composed, safe, strong, invulnerable, tuned in.

For many reasons that on the surface seem unexplainable, sometimes "these layers of us" slip out of alignment and become unsteady or unbalanced - too much or too little of something tips the scale of our well-being.

Imbalance causes dis-ease, dis-function or dis-harmony When your wellbeing is not at its peak you may feel rather helpless or ill, maybe you  experience pain, anxiety, weariness.  You may be reading this because you have been feeling some of these symptoms and know they must be attended to.

The key to returning yourself to vitality is to unify the layers of you, bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. If you have some form of illness, dis-ease, dis-function or dis-harmony finding a new approach to healing often leads to personal growth in ways that you may never have expected.

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You might do this through healing your body's energy fields so the various parts of you remember who they are and how best to work together.

You may also want to learn more about your  role in the process of your healing.  Illness or dis-ease offers us an opportunity to look within to discover the remarkable and abundant possibilities that encircle us.  When we look within, we can assess more appropriately our role in the dis-ease process.  We all have been affected by old programming and patterns, past life influences and negative attachments that have been dictating our reactions and choices, but it does not have to remain so.

You have the innate ability to free yourself from the baggage that weighs you down so that you can move gracefully through the challenges of this current lifetime. By addressing personal issues such as fears or stress you may be pleasantly surprised to find relief in areas of your physical body that had been expressing pain or discomfort.

People often embark upon a healing journey in times of difficulty, career changes, moving, divorce, bereavement or illness.  It is not always an easy process to begin. There are many possible approaches to healing that you can pursue.  While we cannot be an advocate for all of them we do believe in the collective abilities and gifts that Catherine and Allan intuitively and compassionately employ to guide you to discovery and wellness.


Every spiritually conscious step you take on your healing journey brings you closer  to living your life to its fullest potential - an increased feeling and sense of well-being

  • Clarity of ideas and purpose

  • More self-confidence and personal power

  • Greater insight into yourself and others

  • Physical healing

  • Expansive abilities

  • Restoration of joy and laughter in life

  • Better communication and understanding in relationships

  • Feeling balanced and centred in a forever deepening experience of love.

Contact Catherine and Allan to assist you on your healing journey.

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