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person is distinctively and intricately designed.  The totality of who we are, the way we function and how we experience life encompasses a vast network of all facets of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layering, all closely interlaced, reliant on the other and collaborating to produce a valuable and significant person, a life force with a heart, soul, light, and presence - uniquely you!

To further explain this, two analogies come to mind
 - a perfectly cut sparking gem
 - an infinitely ascending pyramid.


The Gem

Examine a perfectly cut gem, complete with internal reflection of light,  strong and colourful dispersion,  brightly coloured flashes of reflected light.  Each facet of the gem may not be immediately visible to the naked eye, but are distinctly there and collectively become one entity that is dynamically radiant and dazzling with energy.  If you could remove just one facet it could never stand alone to create such fire or brilliance as you see in the gemstone with all its facets cohesively performing together.  

In the same manner as one facet of the gem, one facet of our being cannot, should not stand entirely alone to form the essence of who we are.  On its own, not one of our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual layers is able to produce as distinctive or vibrant a person as they collectively can.


The Ever-Ascending Pyramid

The essence of a person could be compared to the building blocks of a pyramid.  Imagine being next to an immense ever-ascending pyramid, a structure so vast that you cannot see the points of its base or its pinnacle, you cannot peer into its core.  Its magnitude is a powerful presence. 

The pyramid is constructed of carefully designed building blocks, each one is calculated to fit with the other blocks and methodically layered in a specified location within the design.  Each block has a place and a purpose to help form and support the whole.

One block alone has a somewhat limited purpose. Networked and layered together these blocks create a hugeness with a purpose entirely different from that of one single block.

The strength and stability of the pyramid can be challenged by eroding individual blocks to weaken the support.  Abrading one block might not cause the whole structure to topple, but abrading or destroying several blocks could cause immeasurable damage.

Like the building blocks of a pyramid surrounding the core, the layers of blocks that make up a person consist of the physical parts that we can see and the emotional, spiritual and mental layers of our essence or core that are weightless, noiseless, and indiscernible to the naked eye, yet ever so essential to complete us.


Keeping the Design Whole and the Network Intact

It does not matter whether we call them building blocks, facets, or layers.  Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements are the fundamentals of our being.   Just because they are not visible to the naked eyes does not mean that those facets or layers that form us do not exist and most importantly just because we canít shine a flashlight on their centre does not make them unremarkable. 

Like our physical parts the vitality of our mental, emotional and spiritual elements must also be attended to.

We know that the various elements of us exist because we experience their effects all the time.   We experience love, trust, inner peace, confusion, stress, and a multitude of our things that are evidence of our mental, emotional and spiritual comfort and happiness.  At our zenith these layers are balanced, working together for our total wellbeing.  We feel vital, energetic, healthy, composed, safe, strong, invulnerable, tuned in.

For many reasons that on the surface seem unexplainable, sometimes "these layers of us" slip out of alignment and put our well being out of balance.

On the surface the reason for the imbalance seems unexplainable, but there are many negative influences that could be keeping any one of us from balance joy or wellness.  Our job at Crystal Earth Healing is to work with each individual to find out what obstructions or hindrances are declaring war on the wellbeing of that person.

We have a healing modality tool chest, we have gifts and abilities that we are impassioned to share. 

When you unleash your heart and soul to healing and rejuvenation you will become the dazzling gem, the ascending pyramid, the  amazing person you were created to be.


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