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Our Approach

Our Premise

At Crystal Earth our healing sessions are designed on the premise that human beings are multifaceted beings and that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of us are closely interlaced to create the complex network that forms our essence or core.  The various parts of this network communicate through a moving and pulsing energy field.  This energy field also acts as the schema or code for the particular way we perceive or respond to a situation or set of stimuli. 

The code is determined by old programming and patterns, past life influences and negative attachments that have been dictating our reactions and choices for so long, even for more than one lifetime.

Every human experience has an effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers When energy flows freely throughout our system we are infused with vitality.  Many experiences flow through us harmoniously.  Some encounters, particularly painful ones, do not move freely because the code in our schema creates a blockage or anxiety. 

When blockages occur they can manifest as physical and emotional pain, illness,  dis-ease, dis-harmony, dis-function, limiting beliefs, or restrictive thought patterns.  Over time instead of joie de vivre we adopt a mind-set and posture that reflects our negative experiences and perpetuates the manifestations.

Through energy work that realigns your energy pathways and restore the harmony to your life you can boundlessly move and live from an unconstrained schema.



Revisioning Possibilities

Can We Change the Schema?

We believe that this schema does not have to stay programmed as it is now. With the life changing techniques and intuitive gifts employed by both Catherine and Allan they have found methods to help you release the restrictions or blockages in your schema.

Our purpose in crafting this type of healing session was divinely gifted to us.  We do believe and have witnessed the remarkable outcomes that can occur when we revision the possibilities of our lives. Revision means to see again, to look at something from a fresh and thoughtful perspective.  Our healing sessions provide that type of opportunity for you so you can head into the future with an unencumbered outlook.

By working with Allan through an exploration of your past life encounters you get to view personal issues from other lifetimes and gain insight into how those experiences cause your present fears or stress.  That's an illuminating journey that allows you to rethink, revision, refine and revive  your purpose, empower yourself to make choices that will change your life and your destiny.

Catherine's focus as an energy healing facilitator is to assist you in discovering balance and ease in all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that are uniquely you.  She helps you get in touch with the higher spiritual aspects of your being. Catherine also does massage, reflexology, nutritional counselling and life coaching so your overall well-being is tended to in a healing session. 

Contact Catherine or Allan to learn more about your quest for better health.


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