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Customize Your Stay

Workshops or Day Sessions

This is a profoundly special place for healing and we'd like you to add to that experience by customizing your visit.  We recommend that to balance the intensity of the sessions or workshops that you take time to play, rest, or enjoy some privacy.  We always allow individuals time for privacy, reflection and absorbing the nature that surrounds us in their own way. We have lots of choices at Crystal Earth to make your stay well rounded, delightful and beneficial for you. 

Peaceful Spaces, Conversation, Activities

There are abundant peaceful quiet spaces and a multitude of activities both indoors and outdoors that you can enjoy. Recreational activities abound in the area with blue waterways and glorious stretches of uninhabited land.   However, some of the best activities can be enjoyed on our land with its tranquil, spiritual and healing qualities.  We offer opportunities for music, meditation, enjoying animals, outdoor activities, drumming circles and so much more.  We have healthy happy food and lots of laughter.  You'll find rooms for exercise, meditation, relaxation, healing, naps, conversation and song.  For added relation and balancing we have Bio-mat, Chi Machine, Ionized Foot Bath. 


Popular Choices

For your individual health and wellness, we have several choices of sessions for individuals and of course we offer customized workshops for couples or groups.

We would love to enhance your stay by including activities that expand your overall experience.  We've listed some of the more popular activities chosen by our guests. Just peruse the list below and if something strikes your fancy let us know. If there is something you would like to do during your stay and it does not appear on this list please feel free to discuss this when you book your time.  New ideas are exciting.

View our Photo Gallery for reflections and connections, views of the land, water and colors.

Individual Sessions

Past Life Journeys
Spiritual Journeys
Zenith Omega Clearings
Light Body Accelerations
Basic & Aroma Touch Massage with doTerra Essential Oils
Fibonacci Tuning Forks
Universal Messenger
Reconnect to Original DNA Blueprint


Customized Workshops

Conscious Empowerment of Self
Zenith Omega - Teaching & Facilitating Levels  1-5
Fibonacci Tuning Forks
Nutrition, Health, Wellness
Empowering Relationships


Meditation & Relaxation

Beautiful Flower Gardens
Star Gazing
Silent Spaces
Private meditation areas
Waterfall for mediation
Sacred Portals to Experience
Spiritual Privacy

Sacred Fires

Outdoor Activities

Pontoon Boating
Hiking/Walking Trails
Cross-country Skiing

Music & Entertainment

Drumming Circles
Campfires With Singing/Ceremony


Deer, wild turkeys, eagles,
Family pets

Song Birds, Winter Birds

Recreation in Area

Land of Lakes boasts 5,000 lakes, wilderness, recreational activities, including day trips, hiking/walking/biking trails, and plenty of attractions, like Bon Echo Park with vision caves and hieroglyphs

We can plan an exploration of the area, day trip, hiking or anything else that's taking place in this area. Or maybe you'd rather visit the area before or after your time with us.

This is Shield country.  The Canadian Shield boasts accessible wilderness at every turn, evening skies idyllic for stargazing, boreal forests, some of the oldest volcanoes on the planet, and the Earth's greatest area of exposed Archaean rock.  This area is steeped in history and a geological wonderland.

Canadian Shield

"...places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul" 

~Naturalist John Muir

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