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Healing Experiences

Your intent and wishes are always honoured and participation in any experience or event is by choice only:

1. Revisioning Sessions

With their intuitive abilities and strengths Catherine and Allan have facilitated some amazing shifts for people.  Seldom can you have two such extraordinary individuals synchronize their focus for your greater good.  You will find them in complete harmony and dedicated service to you. In this healing session you experience the Past Life and Spiritual Journeys, Zenith Omega Clearings, Energy Healing, and the integration of other modalities or treatments as suited to your personal situation and needs and essential to your quest for healing.

The Past Life Journey provides priceless revelations into what may influence your current perceptions, choices and experiences.  Allan has the ability to see what you see and feel what you feel and with this knowledge and insight you can work with Allan to understand the blockages that may be holding you back. Experiencing a Spiritual Journey boosts you on your spiritual path and because your spirit is so closely connected to your physical body and your mind you can make more sense of your life and manage your equilibrium.

Your whole wellbeing is given attention in a healing session. Besides acute awareness, sensitivity and intuitiveness Catherine integrates her gifts and abilities with ancient healing modalities, massage and bodywork techniques, reflexology, Reiki, Zenith Omega Clearing, nutritional therapies to help you.  Her connection with spirit and energy forces will empower you to heal.

Like other day sessions we would like you to customize your time at Crystal Earth by choosing other activities or interests from our list of options.

2. Personalized Spa Session for Individuals (day or multi-day stay)

This type of session is personalized specifically for you. At its core this day session (or longer if you wish) is designed to balance the most important requirements for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and well-being. Based on your specific desires or needs we would combine both physical and spiritual modalities. Parts of the session may be intense, in the sense of being concentrated or edifying, as together we  unshackle the energy field of your body from patterns and practices that may be generating many types of suffering.  However, I can say with a great degree of certainty that it will also be a very calming and meaningful day for you.

This type of experience has been described by clients as "a deeply meaningful event" or a "rousing moment of self-awareness", "opened my eyes to my purpose and gave me direction", "I haven't felt this good in years"!

Day sessions can be tailored to include:

Healing modalities with Catherine
Higher Self Over Soul Readings
Customized activities

Nutritional Advice
Life Skills

Don't want to come alone? Want to include a spouse or partner?  We can customize the sessions in such a way that you will have both privacy as well as  shared experiences.


3. Restorative Spa & Healing Celebration Sessions for Groups

We customize day sessions or multi-day stays for small groups who wish to share a day or more learning more about empowering themselves to heal, expanding their consciousness and gaining a clearer sense of their role or purpose in the universe.

Our curative tranquil environment is ideal for the past life/spiritual journey experience combined with physical/spiritual energy healing to balance the most important requirements for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and well-being,

Time is also set aside for personal reflection, privacy, star-gazing, conversation, recreation, singing, enjoying the company of others, our pets and nearby wildlife.

Zenith Omega and Allanís Past Lives and Spiritual Journeys work so well together. As Allan says: "My work shows them why and Catherine's work shows them how."

The Restorative Spa and Healing Celebration Sessions are specifically for smaller groups of four to eight individuals.

Celebrate being you! Come spend some time with us in the Green Zone at The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre.

4. All-embracing Healing Experience

The All-Embracing Retreat Experience is designed for groups of eight or more.  Similar to our Restorative Spa and Healing Celebration Sessions with just Allan and Catherine as outlined above, but with the All-Embracing experience we bring in additional motivational presenters and experienced practitioners of other healing modalities to provide a comprehensive, enjoyable, physically and spiritually valuable encounter.

Time is set aside for personal reflection/meditation/private times so you can feel the effects of the quartz crystals that are embedded below you.  The sacred portals on our land empower meditation.  These portals also enhance communication so the conversation, singing, and company of others is  enjoyable and enlightening.

All sessions and workshops can be customized to suit your group.  Check our list of sessions, modalities and treatments as well as the extra activities that are available.

Please Note

We recommend that to balance the intensity of the sessions or workshops you take time to play, rest, or enjoy some privacy.  Customize your stay with other activities by selecting options from this list.

Voltaire said, "the art of medicine consists of keeping the patient amused while nature heals the disease"

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