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The following list of readings may help you gain a better understanding of our approach to healing, how a healing journey may benefit you, as well as the remarkable outcomes that are possible and why.

Balance & Empowerment for You

You can share the beauty and gifts of our home and land when you come to experience the support we offer at The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre in Ompah, Ontario.  Our land is embedded with milky quartz crystals; it possesses sacred portals to empower meditation and communication, and it has its own healing qualities.  Read More

The Secret to Vitality

When the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of us are in equilibrium we feel, energetic, happy, healthy, composed, safe, strong, invulnerable, tuned in.  The layers of our total wellbeing are in harmony and we are brimming with vitality. However, sometimes "these layers of us" don't function in harmony and they slip out of sync with the others and can set off a chain reaction...Read More

We are Intrinsically Designed

The totality of who we are, the way we function and how we experience life encompasses a vast network of all facets of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layering, all closely interlaced, reliant on the other, and collaborating to produce a valuable and significant person, a life force with a heart, soul, light, and presence - uniquely you!  Read More

Understanding the Human Energy Field

The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of us are closely interlaced to create the complex network that forms our essence or core.  The various parts of this network communicate through a moving and pulsing energy field.  This energy field also acts as the schema or code for the particular way we perceive or respond to a situation or set of stimuli.  Read More

Health is Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Health is achieved when the mind body and spirit are in balance.  If the body is weak, the mind and spirit suffer. If the spirit is void, the body and mind suffer, and when the mind is not focused, the body and spirit are lost.  Achieve balance to improve health and enhance your life.
Start your healing journey.  Read More


Why Embark on a Healing Journey

Are you finding it easy to minister to the illnesses of your body, but do not know how to deal with the dis-ease, dis-function or dis-harmony of your whole being?  If this is the case, you are not powerless and there are things you can do to realign and gain balance and harmony.  Read More

Understand Why We Make the Choices We do

When a person, event or situations comes into your life your mind checks “the rules” that it has on file for that encounter. The rules consist of your thoughts and beliefs at a very basic level but you are also influenced by people, career, abundance – generally issues of safety and security. But what if the rules are faulty and based on a mindset that is out of date ... Read More


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