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An essential aspect of healing yourself is spiritual awareness, understanding or accepting the mysteries of life and knowing your Spirit Guides.

A Spiritual Journey is a profound experience.  Unlike a physical journey it is experienced on a different level or frequency as you get to  penetrate or understand some of life's mysteries. When Allan guides you on a spiritual journey you will go into your soul light and your Spirit Guides are unveiled for you.

Your Spirit Guides are entities that watch, teach, heal, and help you on your physical journey. Each guide comes to you for a specific purpose - healing, creativity, help with problem solving, to bring you into greater spiritual awareness.  They are there when you need them, working above you, around you, within you and based on your needs they guide you on your own particular path or soul's purpose. 

In a spiritual journey you find out how your Spirit Guides help you.  Once you meet your guides you can go and be with them time and time again for healing and energy.

A Spiritual Journey has no limits and boosts you on your spiritual path and you can make more sense of your life. Your spirit is so closely interwoven with your physical body and your mind.  They are connected, interdependent, and collaborative in managing your equilibrium.  The Spiritual Journey helps you seek a clearer vision of your mission or passion and brings you inner peace. 

In a Spiritual Journey you may feel and see your wings open up with compassion and understanding.  You may be shown your inner child to help remove blockages this life.  You can telepathically communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed over, when you are in the safety and protection of your sacred light.  For individuals who feel they don't belong here on this planet or this dimension, or are earth angels and don't know it, a spiritual journey can be a life enhancing experience!

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Allan's Experience

Allan has facilitated more than 18,000 journeys and has a 95% success rate.  Read about Allan's rare and amazing gift of being able to Journey with you, to see what you see and feel what you feel.

In thousands of past life journeys individuals have gained tremendous awareness and restorative energy, enabling them to better understand others, communicate, forgive, love, relax,  make clear decisions, rid themselves of emotional pain, and learn to have joy and laughter again.

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"Were humans put on this earth to witness the wonders of the world or to become one"

~from the Outer Limits


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