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Gain the Ultimate Benefits from Your  Journey

Whether you embark upon your healing journey to restore your physical well-being, seek a clearer vision of your mission or passion, or achieve inner balance, the direction you find yourself traveling will positively affect all aspects of your being.  Thatís because your physical body, your mind and spirit are so closely interwoven, reliant, and collaborative in managing your equilibrium. 

The Past Life Journey experience and its revelations are
an integral part of your healing journey.

  • By discovering why your experiences may be repeating the same pattern you can learn ways to help mend unhealthy patterns.

  • When you uncover from where your fears or phobias originate  you can unleash yourself from those restraints.

  • When doing a Past Life Journey we can find out how you knew someone in a past life.  When we do this the person's spirit is obligated to go back with you, so that if you view a conflict in a past life and resolve it, the problem can often be cleared up now.

  • Viewing past life conflicts or traumatic events, struggles or distressing connections from a past life, and seeing how those events affect or impede your present life decisions, relationships, and your overall emotional, psychological and physical well-being, allows you to resolve the issues or purge yourself of their influences so you can live your present life more fully. 

Past Life Journeys  help you to find out information that may be causing blockages or holding you back in some way.   The insights from a past life journey are valuable to your healing and getting yourself back to harmony and vitality. 

In thousands of past life journeys individuals have gained tremendous awareness and restorative energy, enabling them to better understand others, communicate, forgive, love, relax,  make clear decisions, rid themselves of emotional pain, and learn to have joy and laughter again.


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